Yeezy: An Unparalleled Fashion Breakthrough

Yeezy. First thing that pops into the mind of any person familiar with the brand is a series of overpriced and torn clothes, but also the much coveted adidas yeezy collaboration sneakers. But why the popularity?

Why spend hundreds of dollars on admittedly very basic articles of clothing? Why purchase a sweater that has been designed specifically to give off a homeless person vibe? First thing you notice with the Yeezy line is the price tag, followed by the very admirable attention to detail, for instance, the detailed stitching on the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2, setting it apart from the fakes already flooding the market.

Underlying Idea.

Simply put, fashion is an unending cycle that tends, ever so often, to revert back to its roots, or at the very least, replicate what it once was. Taking the Yeezy clothing line for instance, it revives the dormant 80s and 90s oversized clothing craze, one that was bound to creep back into the fashion world. Similarly, before that was the Renaissance era, characterized by excessive fabric. This is the underlying idea behind Yeezy.

Yeezy however, puts a spin on this, goes a notch further so to speak, while at the same time, maintaining its key selling point. Rooted in the Yeezy line is the minimalist aesthetic idea, that is to say, basic colors, gender neutral designs and the limiting of patterns. So while the line attempts to transcend the current status of the fashion industry, it is, at the same time, taking it back to a more rudimentary era, defined by less glamour.

Why Does It Sell?

Product aside, each unveiling by Kanye is always highly anticipated, as it moves past the typical model on the runway, to more bold ideas like having the models on screen, not to mention the success that would naturally follow from having Kylie Jenner model at a Kanye West unveiling.

Despite the very basic appearance, Yeezy products are made from top of the line fabric. Take for instance a season 3 t-shirt. At first glance, it appears to be faded. However, the reason for this variations in colour, popularly termed aded’, is the high quality garment processing employed.

The main selling point of the Yeezy line, despite all others, is the controversy it creates. Yes, most millennials will purchase a hundred dollar Yeezy hoodie just for the opportunity to point out that they’re wearing Yeezy, but really the idea behind the line, blatantly sticking out, is that you have to be rich enough to afford to look poor.

Teens and early twenties are characterized by identity crises, not knowing where and whether you fit in and struggling to know who you are. Then comes Yeezy, preying on this, showing that you need not conform to the societally accepted standard, but can be different, said difference actually being celebrated by the clothes you choose to wear, boldly stating you stance.

Why The Success?

Few people realize this, but Kanye, prior to the very successful collaboration with Adidas, had previously done the same with other formidable names in the industry. This gave the line a unique advantage in that he had some, though not limited, experience pre Adidas.

The Yeezy line is arguably the amily line’ of the Kardashian family, and as with any other successful product, get a celebrity to be seen using it or in it, as is the case with Yeezy, and have it flying off the shelves in record time.

The line has the privilege of being owned by Kanye, who doesn’t shy off from promoting it in his music, which alone hits record sales. Meaning, provided you’re into music or fashion, you’ll come across Yeezy.

Every unveiling of Yeezy has a series of A list faces on the front row, from Jaden Smith to Lewis Hamilton, they alone, reeling in a storm of publicity and that, coupled by the actual unveiling, transforming the event into a paparazzi hub.

The line, as with any other success story, hasn’t escaped harsh critique. Key among them, being that it glorifies the struggle experienced by the average and struggling homeless individual. This notwithstanding, it is a success story nonetheless, illustrated by the product’s selling out in preorders, even before hitting the shelves. Many might not understand it, but those who do are clearly sufficient to warrant the record sales and the success story that is Kanye West’s Yeezy line.