3 Marketing Tips You Should Avoid At All Costs

For any business to prosper, smart marketing strategies should be devised and applied in the most appropriate way possible. However, some business owners and managers only focus on popularizing their business’ brands and fail to approach the market in their potential clients’ perspective. Just like other business operations, marketing implementation requires due diligence to achieve its main objective which is to widen the customer base and increase the sales and profitability. Below are three marketing tips that you should avoid at all costs if the core objective is to be achieved.

Focusing on Sales and Popularization the Brand Alone

Well, increasing your sales and popularizing the goods or services is any business’ main goal but should not be the primary focus when carrying out the marketing activities. Focusing too much on the product’s name, features or prices will show the target audience that you are only after selling and making money. Interestingly, most marketing experts and successful businesses focus on the general benefits of using their products or services. You should offer your audience the abilities that your products or services provide in solving their problems as well.

These approaches apply everywhere whether you are marketing via the website or social media platform or by meeting the potential clients on the ground or through other ways such as TV or Radio. In some instances, there are even marketers who provide put forth the shortcomings of using their services or products because let us face it, nothing is perfect. Honesty is paramount while convincing people to buy from your business and you will be shocked by the massive clients you will attract.

Ignoring the Internet

This is one of the biggest mistakes that a business owner can make in this day and era. If you wish to spread your business brand much faster and in a cost-effective manner, online marketing is an ideal approach. No business should lack a website where any person wishing to find out about your business can easily get information. You should also open accounts on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or any other account where you find your target audience. In Facebook alone, there are over one billion users worldwide in which most of them are active.

These efforts should also be accompanied with constant updates and follow up such as engaging your audience on a regular basis. You should create forums and groups as well as update the content on your website on regular occasions. If possible, you can also create videos that you can share online through such platform like YouTube or share on your social media accounts. Where you are too busy to concentrate on online marketing, it is advisable to hire an expert or agency to keep your online presence more active.

Failing to Evaluate or Measure

The only way you can know whether your marketing efforts are working is by evaluating and measuring their performances. You can do this after a certain period such as after a week, fortnight, monthly or quarterly. With online marketing, it is easy to know how many people you have converted by following up through the activities. The performance of other marketing methods can also be measured by use of different metrics based on how many customers they have converted as well.

Evaluating your marketing efforts will enable you to determine whether they are working or need improvement or even change. Marketing is an investment and failing to determine its ROI (Return on Investment) can reflect on the overall profitability or growth of your business.

The above three marketing mistakes will have a great impact on your business growth and profitability objectives irrespective of the stage of your business and should be avoided at all cost.