what are some great stock investments in 2022

here are certain investments that help you to potentially grow your wealth, but with a lot of difficult choices. One such investment is stock. Stocks offer the creator a stake in company’s success with the potential for substantial growth over time. But when it comes down to choosing what exactly stocks are worth, or which ones will be most beneficial to your needs, there’s an overwhelming amount of things you need to know before investing your hard-earned money.

Below we have listed some of the top stocks to buy in 2022. These are based on market cap, business model and other factors that make them a good choice for investors. So let’s get started!

  1. Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL)

Market Cap: $522.9 Billion (10-Year Total Returns: 10.8%)

Alphabet Inc. is an American multinational conglomerate that creates technology products and offers them to the public through its two primary subsidiaries, Google and Google Life Sciences. With massive market capitalization of $522.9 billion, Alphabet Inc. is a public company to watch in 2022 because of its earnings growth and the fact that it has more than enough resources to meet its revenue goals. Its daily sales are $1.5 billion, and it generated $33.26 billion in revenues for the year ending on Dec 31, 2017.

It’s impossible to tell which stocks will go up or down over the next couple of years, but there are a few common trends we can look at when making our investment decisions.

  1. Medifast Inc. (MED)

This is a medical company in Baltimore, Maryland that produces weight-loss and nutrition products. It is a multi-level marketing company (MLM) that sells its products through its business opportunities for women. Medifast grew its revenues by 2.4% in FY18, and it collected $929 million in revenue. It operates in more than 30 countries, and it has more than 79,500 active independent distributors.

The main reason why this stock is worth investing in is because of its unique business model. It also has a partnership with Oprah Winfrey’s network – OWN. It could be one company to watch out for in 2022.

  1. Snap Inc. (SNAP)

This company develops, markets and sells camera-equipped smartphones. It also offers other services that supplement its camera-based products, including Snapchat, Spectacles and Bitmojis. Snap operates in more than 30 different countries, where its users take approximately 25 million photos and videos daily. The product is opening up new avenues for mobile advertisers due to the fact that it is adding new features to its platform on a regular basis.

  1. Commodities

Commodities and precious metals are an investment that has been around for thousands of years and have always been valuing investors’ favourites. Companies such as Brazil, Australia, Canada, and the United States are among the most stable currencies in the world known for their strong economy, but these currencies also have a lot to offer when it comes to investing in the commodity market.

In conclusion, it is important to note that many investors turn to stocks when looking for a way to create a secure financial future for themselves and their families. With the right stocks, you can grow your wealth over time. It is also worth noting that the stock market isn’t all about large-cap stocks, as there are numerous mid-cap or small-cap companies that offer great investment opportunities too.

5 Different Jeweled Accessories in 2021

Since ancient times, many women have preferred jewelry as they make us look elegant and striking. They highlight our beauty and go according to our personality.

This spring-summer season is marked by comfort and freshness. And the great co-stars are JEWELED ACCESSORIES: shoes, tiaras, hooks, bracelets, earrings, etc.

So if you want to know what is in fashion in terms of jeweled accessories, let’s review what the next spring-summer season 2021 has in store for us.

5 Different Jeweled Accessories that Are Growing in Popularity

1. Headbands

Several years ago, the huge and padded headbands were the best, but in 2021 the game changes and the best thing will be to wear them thin and with some detail, be it the brand’s logo, tiny diamonds, or even pearls. To shine with them, wear them over laid-back, textured hairstyles.

Jewel headbands dominate the street style and are a favorite jewel accessory among the famous. A success that we love that we can wear in many ways depending on our style.

2. Brooches, Hooks with Pearls or Diamonds

Be it barrettes or brooches, as long as they have pearls or some precious stones, they will be in trend this season! For this reason, this accessory resists abandoning us in 2021 and reinvents itself with large colored brooches.

The best part? You can make your own accessories at home with bobby pins, metallic paint, and your favorite ornaments.

3. Bejeweled Sandals

If you also love flat sandals, you are in luck because you can enjoy them with rhinestones this season. These jeweled czech jewelry sandals are handmade, crafted from gem-encrusted leather and Czech rhinestones and a half-inch heel, providing comfort and elegance at the same time.

You can choose between several models and, in addition to being ideal for brightening up your most straightforward looks since they shine in each step you take without going unnoticed.

4. Bracelets and Bangles

Bracelets and bangles can be worn in various styles, but preferably large, thick, and eye-catching. Large bracelets have power and make wrists look delicate and feminine, which is why we like them a lot for the night.

There are some matching bracelets and choker sets on the runways, as well as some unique options. The thick chains with pearl pendants or appliques also stand out.

5. Chains for Glasses and Masks

This is one of the trends that will accompany another of the favorite accessories, the glasses, which will be adorned with chains to make them look more elegant and, at the same time, with style. You can wear them in metal, or with details such as stars and rhinestones.

Accessories for this season will be versatile, so the chains for glasses now also serve to decorate the masks. A basic to wear on our weekly trip to the supermarket.

5 Best States to Start a Small Business

Small businesses have long been the backbone of the American economy, employing hundreds of millions of Americans throughout the years. Unfortunately, increasing regulation, taxes, and globalism have taken a significant toll on many small businesses. Thankfully, there are still several states that possess a vibrant environment for them. The five best states to start a small business are Texas, Utah, Virginia, Georgia, and North Carolina.

Texas, one of the largest and fastest growing states in the union, has a great environment for small businesses. A state with no income tax, actually forbidding it in its constitution, Texas provides citizens with more disposable income, increasing the opportunity for small businesses to benefit. Texas has very low startup costs for businesses, a quickly expanding labor force, and a very good overall infrastructure. Also, unlike so many other major cities in other states, the large urban centers of Austin, Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth, and San Antonio all have good environments for small businesses.

Utah, the smallest state in this list, has been widely recognized by Forbes and CNBC as having a great small business environment. Utah has been ranked the best environment for small businesses by Forbes a record 6 times since 2006. With extremely low business costs and energy costs that are about 15% lower than the national average, starting a business in Utah is a very lucrative endeavor. Utah has a highly educated workforce, very low taxes, and few regulations, most notable regulations regarding zoning. Also, despite being located in the Mountain West, Utah benefits greatly from international trade.

Virginia has been consistently ranked as the best environment for small business 5 times by Forbes magazine since 2006. Its healthy labor supply and high quality of life ranking give it a vibrant workforce, and its business-friendly health and safety regulations allow small businesses to thrive. While some analysts note that perhaps the most negative aspect of Virginia’s small business environment is its networking and training programs, even these are better than those of most states in the United States.

Georgia, like Texas, has a rapidly growing population. Possessing very minimal start-up costs and regulations for new businesses, Georgia has a very good infrastructure in place for small businesses, and a strong, able workforce ready to participate. Perhaps the one noted downside of Georgia’s small business environment was its noted dearth of networking and training programs. Despite this factor, Georgia remains a powerful player for small business start-ups.

North Carolina, the final state on this list, has been ranked the top business environment for small businesses by Forbes 2 times. North Carolina has a very high-quality workforce, start-up costs that are far below the national average, and few regulations. North Carolina ranks highly in nearly every known economic metric for small businesses. Like Georgia and Texas, North Carolina’s population is growing rapidly, as many Americans see the value of the economic environment provided by North Carolina. North Carolina probably provides the best environment for start-up businesses in the United States, both now and in the foreseeable future.



The 5 Best States to Start Your Small Business


Why Singapore Is One of the Most Successful Economies In The World

Singapore is a small country in southern part Asia. During the early stages, Singapore endured a tough time to establish herself, this was after the exit of the British who colonised them. In the early 1970s Singapore established herself and since then the economy of this country has been on a positive trajectory compared to her neighbours who are struggling.

1. Technology

In the early 1970s, Singapore set up laws that provided a conducive environment for investment. This played a key role in luring investors into this country mainly the United States and Japan. The lack of arable land has also lent to reliance on agritechnology as a means of providing for its citizens. The government has also invested heavily in the ICT department to enhance the technological advancement in the country. In recent years Singapore was ranked among the most innovative and technological nations in the world. In the 21st century, heavy investment in this field is likely to set you from your neighbours.

2. Corruption free state

A country that cannot deal with the rising cases of corruption and embezzlement of public funds is on the verge of economic depreciation.

Singapore as of now boast of a corruption-free state, a milestone that neighbouring countries and others in the world have failed to keep. The money that would have been stolen is put into required developments that build the country’s economy.

3. Setting up manufacturing Industries

Singapore is a country that is not endowed with an agricultural land. Most parts of this country are arid and cannot support agriculture. Therefore, it sorts out to establish industries in both manufacturing and processing. In this regard, it sorted to importing raw materials and natural resources, process it and export back as finished goods. This is a direct investment as finished goods are always more expensive than raw materials, the common industries in this country include electronics, chemicals among others that continue to attract many multinational states to investing in Singapore

4. The school curriculum

Another aspect that sets Singapore far above its neighbours is the flexibility of its school curriculum. The country has one of the best school programs in the world. The program equips students will tangible skills and as of 2017, the rate of unemployment in Singapore stood at as low as 1.9%. It’s a milestone, the government is really investing in this system. The fact that there is no corruption explains how rigid the system teaches that corruption must and should not be condoned. The graduates in Singapore are a reliable workforce compared to those from their neighbours and well equip to tackle the changing needs of the current economy.

5. Transport and communication sector

Today Singapore is an industrialized country and among the leading in imports and exports across the globe. This has enhanced the economy of the country as it has led to the faster delivery of goods. Singapore has the world busiest port (the port of Singapore) surpassing the famous Hong Kong port and Rotterdam port. The infrastructure in the country is also a force to reckon. It has one of the best highways in the region and also strong communication services.

Singapore ensured that it set up laws that were favourable to both the citizens and the investors, now it is reaping the fruits of a hard-fought past. Being ranked among the best in the world in almost every aspect.

Yeezy: An Unparalleled Fashion Breakthrough

Yeezy. First thing that pops into the mind of any person familiar with the brand is a series of overpriced and torn clothes, but also the much coveted adidas yeezy collaboration sneakers. But why the popularity?

Why spend hundreds of dollars on admittedly very basic articles of clothing? Why purchase a sweater that has been designed specifically to give off a homeless person vibe? First thing you notice with the Yeezy line is the price tag, followed by the very admirable attention to detail, for instance, the detailed stitching on the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2, setting it apart from the fakes already flooding the market.

Underlying Idea.

Simply put, fashion is an unending cycle that tends, ever so often, to revert back to its roots, or at the very least, replicate what it once was. Taking the Yeezy clothing line for instance, it revives the dormant 80s and 90s oversized clothing craze, one that was bound to creep back into the fashion world. Similarly, before that was the Renaissance era, characterized by excessive fabric. This is the underlying idea behind Yeezy.

Yeezy however, puts a spin on this, goes a notch further so to speak, while at the same time, maintaining its key selling point. Rooted in the Yeezy line is the minimalist aesthetic idea, that is to say, basic colors, gender neutral designs and the limiting of patterns. So while the line attempts to transcend the current status of the fashion industry, it is, at the same time, taking it back to a more rudimentary era, defined by less glamour.

Why Does It Sell?

Product aside, each unveiling by Kanye is always highly anticipated, as it moves past the typical model on the runway, to more bold ideas like having the models on screen, not to mention the success that would naturally follow from having Kylie Jenner model at a Kanye West unveiling.

Despite the very basic appearance, Yeezy products are made from top of the line fabric. Take for instance a season 3 t-shirt. At first glance, it appears to be faded. However, the reason for this variations in colour, popularly termed aded’, is the high quality garment processing employed.

The main selling point of the Yeezy line, despite all others, is the controversy it creates. Yes, most millennials will purchase a hundred dollar Yeezy hoodie just for the opportunity to point out that they’re wearing Yeezy, but really the idea behind the line, blatantly sticking out, is that you have to be rich enough to afford to look poor.

Teens and early twenties are characterized by identity crises, not knowing where and whether you fit in and struggling to know who you are. Then comes Yeezy, preying on this, showing that you need not conform to the societally accepted standard, but can be different, said difference actually being celebrated by the clothes you choose to wear, boldly stating you stance.

Why The Success?

Few people realize this, but Kanye, prior to the very successful collaboration with Adidas, had previously done the same with other formidable names in the industry. This gave the line a unique advantage in that he had some, though not limited, experience pre Adidas.

The Yeezy line is arguably the amily line’ of the Kardashian family, and as with any other successful product, get a celebrity to be seen using it or in it, as is the case with Yeezy, and have it flying off the shelves in record time.

The line has the privilege of being owned by Kanye, who doesn’t shy off from promoting it in his music, which alone hits record sales. Meaning, provided you’re into music or fashion, you’ll come across Yeezy.

Every unveiling of Yeezy has a series of A list faces on the front row, from Jaden Smith to Lewis Hamilton, they alone, reeling in a storm of publicity and that, coupled by the actual unveiling, transforming the event into a paparazzi hub.

The line, as with any other success story, hasn’t escaped harsh critique. Key among them, being that it glorifies the struggle experienced by the average and struggling homeless individual. This notwithstanding, it is a success story nonetheless, illustrated by the product’s selling out in preorders, even before hitting the shelves. Many might not understand it, but those who do are clearly sufficient to warrant the record sales and the success story that is Kanye West’s Yeezy line.

The Pros and Cons of Custom Wedding Dresses and Off the Rack

A wedding is the most important event in most people’s lives. It symbolizes change from a single person to a married one. That being the case, everything needs to be perfect including the bride’s dress. It’s easy to overlook the importance of this cloth and put on whatever is available.

The problem with this is, a large number of brides end up being the center of attraction negatively because their dress looks ridiculous on them. Should you as a bride buy a dress off the rack or have it custom made for you? Here are some pluses and minuses for each case to help you decide:

Custom-made Wedding Bridal Dresses


1. It fits

This is the top perk. Since it’s designed for you alone, a custom-made dress allows you to show off your curves without trying. It’s also a perfect instrument that you can use to emphasize your beauty. It’ll leave you feeling comfortable in your skin.

2. Zero pressure

There’s so much to worry about when it comes to making a wedding fantastic. When you choose a custom-made dress, you save yourself the agony of shopping for a dress that you think is right since it suits you perfectly.

Cons: 1. You have to pay upfront

Before your dress is made, you’ll have to part with some cash. This sucks because you don’t know how it’ll turn out to be. The designer may not follow your instructions to the letter.

2. It takes forever to make

If you’re a last-minute kind of person, this will put you off. Custom-made dresses take a while before they’re done. This means that if you choose to order one a week before your big day, you’ll have to inconvenience the guests by rescheduling the wedding date.

Off the rack dress


1. Priorities don’t matter

Whether you choose to buy the dress first or focus on getting the shoes to go with it, an off the rack dress makes it possible for you to plan at your own pace with the same great end result.

2. You get to save big on money

Though the dress may not be totally new, the good news is you have a couple of extra dollars to spend elsewhere if you choose to go off the rack. Plus, you don’t have to take so much time finding one that tickles your fancy.

3. Options are limitless

There’s no shortage of ideas when it comes to what to do with your dress when compared to a custom wedding dress. You may sell it after your wedding if you wish or pay for the number of hours you’ll spend in it only. At the end of the day, it depends on your preference as a bride-to-be.


1. Your dress may be damaged

If your dress was worn before, you’ll need to have it repaired before putting it on. This means that repair costs will be a part of your budget. It gets worse if many other brides used it.

2. Maintenance is key

If you want to make an impression on your wedding day, you’ll have to spend plenty of time and money on the dress. It may have with it some gross sweat markings or make up stains from previous brides. Since you’re the next user, it’s your responsibility to make sure that it’s perfect.

10 Factors that Influence Customer Buying Behaviour Online

10 Factors that Influence Customer Buying Behaviour Online We are now in an era where customers take the center stage, influencing business strategies across industries. No business can afford to overlook factors that could either break the customer experience or even pose a risk of any disruptions. This becomes a vital fact influencing your eCommerce business too.

In fact, for an eCommerce business leader like you, enhancing the customer experience becomes the top priority, especially, when you look around and find your competitors strategizing towards their growth at an equally fast pace. Within that, your first step towards delivering a compelling customer experience is understanding the customer’s buying behaviour.

To make it easier for you, we have identified the top 10 factors that potentially influence your online shoppers’ buying decisions:

Quality of Product Description

Your Customers are highly informed. They are accustomed to going deep into your product details once they like it. Here, your responsibility is to answer every question that comes the buyer’s mind immediately. For instance, the information about the product’s dimensions, weight, material and quality, etc should be readily available.

Shipping Costs

It may often turn out that a customer would decide not to buy your product after seeing the final payable amount. Remember, the customer has nothing to do with the shipping that you bear with. So, its better they see the minimum shipping costs or rather a free shipping.

Return Policy

Easy returns make the backbone of an online shopping business. In fact, a number of customers prefer buying stuff online considering the easy returns. Amazon, for instance, has managed to size up its sales by running a fantastic return policy. It asks the customers no questions, allows 30 good days to decide about returns.

Convenience in Searching Products

Your app’s user interface plays a crucial role in influencing the buying prospects of your customers. A customer will likely leave your page or app if he is unable to find the relevant product within two search attempts. Ease of Navigation via Categories Again, this is about a good user interface. The more convenience a customer finds in your page or app, the better are his chances of converting or buying your product. A good navigation helps him know where he currently is and what is the direction to move.

Complexity Levels in Checkout Process

If your checkout process is too cumbersome asking for too many efforts and involving several page redirections, your customer is likely to abandon you. Customers are accustomed to faster services.

Relevance of Product Recommendations

Product recommendation is a crucial strategy in eCommerce and it can lead to impulse buying too. However, too many irrelevant recommendations can divert the attention of your customers and even sometimes put them off.

Categorization of New Products

Even though you change the content on the home page everyday, customers will still get bored of seeing it regularly and end up overlooking the newer stocks. But, if they see a special icon for new products, they are much likely to land there straight and purchase.

Inclusion of Special Product Category

This works quite similar to the above. You must always have this category of special products where you place your most sought-after products and grab the attention of your customers quickly.

Customer Reviews

This is a really important factor affecting your customers’ buying decisions. Given the fact that customer reviews are genuine, your new customers are much likely to consider this peer to peer feedback. Make sure you earn maximum good reviews amid a few poor ones.

Now that you know a lot about what matters to the customers while making a purchase, its time you look back at your processes and interface and maximize your sales.

Impact of Bitcoins to online shopping & other Industries

Bitcoins rose to limelight in 2017 due to its skyrocketing price value. In 2017, the price ran up to more than ten thousands in US dollars.

Bitcoins are Crytocurrency, Digital Currency. It was originated in 2009 and were used back then. In 2010, a developer bought 2 pizzas with 10, 000 bitcoins. Today, you can buy more than $10 million worth stuff with the same amount of bitcoins. How has shopping changed with the rise of bitcoins?

People are now moving on to trade with Bitcoins. OverStock.com were the first retailers to introduce their customers to pay with Bitcoins. Next came, Expedia to book hotels online, to eGifter. It is now believed that Amazon is set to announce their introduction of Bitcoin payment soon.

Why Bitcoins specifically? Bitcoins make online shopping or other eCommerce activities easy. Both to Consumer and the Merchant.

Consumer’s benefits with Bitcoins

1. Basically, the money transfers will be quick, safe and what’s more, cheap! There is no third party interference( no banks/financial institutions), hence no taxes.

2. Bitcoins do not charge any foreign exchange fees. So there is no any additional charges when trading with different currencies.
3. Bitcoin wallets can be backed up as they are digital.

And the Merchants……

1. Avoids Charge-backs – Bitcoin transactions can never be reversed.

2. Merchants can avoid the credit card processing fees (which is usually 2-3% from their side)

BitCoin & Online shopping – The process

1. purchase bitcoins from online exchanges or brokerages by transferring money from a regular bank account or through credit card transfers.

2. Assign the bought coins in the bitcoin wallet app like BitPay Wallet, Copay

3. At checkout, choose pay with Bitcoin option. The order with its bitcoin price and a QR code will be displayed. This code must be scanned through your wallet app.

The transactions are confirmed within an hour. People do not need to wait days and weeks to confirm their transactions which is a great relief!

Bitcoins are a method of Peer to Peer(P2P) Money transfer networks. P2P networks offer wide transparency. Currency rates are published for everyone to see and the rates are determined only through supply and demand. A real-time ledger that is publicly shown reduces the risk of theft to zero.

Another factor people love Bitcoin during online shopping is that they remain anonymous. the transactions are done using Bitcoin addresses which can be seen by everyone but it is not shown whose address it is.

Bitcoins are not going to be limited for online shopping. It has now expanded to other industries like,

1. Education Industry – Some colleges have now started to accept course payments in the form of bitcoins

2. Charitable Organisations – With Human Rights Organisation, the American Red Cross, Electronic Frontier Organisation and the united way accepting bitcoins, they were able to conduct more humanitarian work in countries whose currency value is worthless.

3. Music Industry – Ujo Music and Stem companies now allow fans of artists to pay via bitcoins directly.

4. Online Gambling Industry – Predicted to be the field that will have Bitcoins’ effect mostly.

BitCoins are game changers, within the upcoming years, they might have a great impact in almost all industries. But Bitcoins do have cons, specially it’s excessive volatility. Bitcoins will change the industries but it can be towards a brighter future or can be to a risky future.

Are There Benefits to Paying to Speak at Business Seminars/Summits Related to your Business?

Speaking can be a very effective form of human communication. Basically, it’s human nature and when we talk, we like to voice out our concerns and opinions rather than listening to others. One of the reasons we communicate is so we can impart our knowledge on others with a view to building a rapport with them for personal, social or business gains.

In a society that we are living in today, it is quite rare to find a small business owner or a business tycoon that will deliberately offer their precious time for just a few words of wisdom to a handful of audiences that are willing to lend an ear. But needless to mention, there is need to listen to their struggles, fear and how they succeeded on their crafts while jumping a few obstacles along their path to achieve their goals.

If you are a knowledgeable business person and would wish to share with those who are not yet familiar by means of low-cost or free seminars, then you might consider public speaking. It includes networking events and a variety of referral groups. It is not always about giving speeches for a hefty sum of cash. It’s about awareness.

Here are some of the Advantages:

· Making new acquaintances and building a new network

Speaking at business seminars offers a good time to make a good impression on yourself and your business in particular, by making sure that your audience will remember you after your great speech. Present yourself at these events in an impressionable manner by how you treat your customers. Get to know most of the audience; not just the prominent people but also those who have blue collar jobs. Introduce yourself as the host and take initiative on how people react and be appreciative all the time.

· Communicating to the masses

When you speak, it is directed towards your main target or to a diverse set of audience. Some common channels used are television, radio and social media. Reaching the masses may not necessarily translate to raising awareness to your brand but it certainly is a way to keep in touch with the community.

· Saves time

When you desire an immediate result, the best way to do it is to communicate your message by means of talking. This will greatly ease your workload in that the time you would have dedicated in structured discussions is easily saved when you speak to a larger audience in seminars.

· Immediate feedback

When you speak in seminars and happen to leave a good or bad impression, you will notice the audience will have an immediate feedback about your speech and it will help you change the way you deliver your speeches. The feedback is often raw and sincere so you can trust it to be credible and harness it positively.

· Promoting your Business Easily

You can talk about the advantages of your business to your audience without worrying about negative influences. You are the host and a resource for them. Offer them great advices but not overdo it. Teach them new things and make sure to bring your products with you for free handouts.


· Inaccurate Details

The inaccuracy of the speaker’s communication style will leave the audience asking many questions pertaining to the topic, not because they want to know more about the business but it’s because they are confused.

· Highly Expensive

Not all seminars are created equal, some of them include fees in order for the audience to participate.

· Irrelevance

Sometimes, the speaker may share a topic with the audience that may not be relevant to some of the audience’s line of work or present realities.

Overall, there are great perks when you pay to speak at business seminars. As long as you can brainstorm your audience and know what they would be interested to know, you can tweak the message to capture their expectations while the same time using the platform to advance your brand interests.

The Best Business Thought Leaders to Uplift Your Business

Business leaders are undisputed and renowned experts who have demonstrated distinguished success in certain fields for which they are highly recognized. They are known for their outstanding skills, experience and expertise which inspire others in their specific disciplines, including their competitors.

In the area of business, the role of business thought leaders is more than paramount because they provide amazing ideas which when put into practice, leads to rapid growth of your business. Most of the best thought leaders in business are great speakers, authors, consultants and coaches whose information is resourceful in uplifting your business in within a short period of time, regardless of its initial background. Here are some of the best identified business thought leaders who will give your business a complete transformation and contribute to its quick success.

Pat Lencioni

Pat Lencioni is a founder The Table Group. He is currently a distinguished author, consultant, speaker and a man recognized for his actionable principles which have a great impact in enabling business owners to come up with solutions to common challenges facing their business. Having written 11 books with helpful business insights, Lencioni has offered great inspiration in regard to leadership and organizational health.

Tom Peters

Tom Peters is one of the most significant business thought leaders, having caused tremendous transformation in the lives of many, both through his best book: In Search of Excellence and other achievements he has made in business. He is a founder of the Tom Peters Company and Skunkworks, both of which have had a great impact in the lives of many.

Brene Brown

As far as business success is concerned, Brene Brown is the source of both insight and inspiration through her research findings as a research professor at the University of Houston, majorly based on leading with authenticity, working, living, shame, worthiness and vulnerability, which she has studied for more than a decade. Besides being the CEO and founder of The Daring Way and Courage Works, she has written highly motivating books which are off course, bestsellers.

Tasha Eurich

Tasha is an organizational psychologist with a thorough understanding of human behavior which she analyzes from a scientific point of view. By serving as the Principal of Eurich group and speaking at several leadership summits, Tasha has offered a number of pragmatic solutions to common leadership challenges. Follow her and listen to her down-to-earth communication and conversational tone as she inspires you to embrace challenges in order to succeed in whichever form of business you have chosen.

Elise Mitchell

Elise is a renowned experienced lady with extraordinary abilities that saw her come up with her PR company which has turned to become her industry. As a result of her love for motorcycle riding, Elise looks at life in a rather unique way. Just as she rides motorcycle with a journey mindset and seeks to become a destination leader, so does she view life. In her book Leading Through the Turn, she shares an interesting story that will ultimately transform your life with her leadership ideas and mindset principles. Currently, she is a CEO of Mitchell Communications and Dentsu Aegis PR Network.

The above discussed are just some of the best thought leaders in the world who can help your business rise within no time. There are more others like Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner, each with varied principles offering distinct business insights, ideas and inspirations that can enhance your growth as an entrepreneur as well as your business growth. Listen to them, read their books, watch them and explore all avenues available to change your business situation and you will surely stand out successfully in whichever type of business you are running.