Are There Benefits to Paying to Speak at Business Seminars/Summits Related to your Business?

Speaking can be a very effective form of human communication. Basically, it’s human nature and when we talk, we like to voice out our concerns and opinions rather than listening to others. One of the reasons we communicate is so we can impart our knowledge on others with a view to building a rapport with them for personal, social or business gains.

In a society that we are living in today, it is quite rare to find a small business owner or a business tycoon that will deliberately offer their precious time for just a few words of wisdom to a handful of audiences that are willing to lend an ear. But needless to mention, there is need to listen to their struggles, fear and how they succeeded on their crafts while jumping a few obstacles along their path to achieve their goals.

If you are a knowledgeable business person and would wish to share with those who are not yet familiar by means of low-cost or free seminars, then you might consider public speaking. It includes networking events and a variety of referral groups. It is not always about giving speeches for a hefty sum of cash. It’s about awareness.

Here are some of the Advantages:

· Making new acquaintances and building a new network

Speaking at business seminars offers a good time to make a good impression on yourself and your business in particular, by making sure that your audience will remember you after your great speech. Present yourself at these events in an impressionable manner by how you treat your customers. Get to know most of the audience; not just the prominent people but also those who have blue collar jobs. Introduce yourself as the host and take initiative on how people react and be appreciative all the time.

· Communicating to the masses

When you speak, it is directed towards your main target or to a diverse set of audience. Some common channels used are television, radio and social media. Reaching the masses may not necessarily translate to raising awareness to your brand but it certainly is a way to keep in touch with the community.

· Saves time

When you desire an immediate result, the best way to do it is to communicate your message by means of talking. This will greatly ease your workload in that the time you would have dedicated in structured discussions is easily saved when you speak to a larger audience in seminars.

· Immediate feedback

When you speak in seminars and happen to leave a good or bad impression, you will notice the audience will have an immediate feedback about your speech and it will help you change the way you deliver your speeches. The feedback is often raw and sincere so you can trust it to be credible and harness it positively.

· Promoting your Business Easily

You can talk about the advantages of your business to your audience without worrying about negative influences. You are the host and a resource for them. Offer them great advices but not overdo it. Teach them new things and make sure to bring your products with you for free handouts.


· Inaccurate Details

The inaccuracy of the speaker’s communication style will leave the audience asking many questions pertaining to the topic, not because they want to know more about the business but it’s because they are confused.

· Highly Expensive

Not all seminars are created equal, some of them include fees in order for the audience to participate.

· Irrelevance

Sometimes, the speaker may share a topic with the audience that may not be relevant to some of the audience’s line of work or present realities.

Overall, there are great perks when you pay to speak at business seminars. As long as you can brainstorm your audience and know what they would be interested to know, you can tweak the message to capture their expectations while the same time using the platform to advance your brand interests.